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“Boris is a man who truly exudes the ability to speak truth and encouragement into your life, especially to men. Malestream Ministries is devoted to seeing men of all backgrounds come to their rightful place in the kingdom of God. No matter what you struggle with as a man, Boris is real people for real men with real issues. If you are struggling with spiritual issues or "man" issues, Boris is the man you can confide in and trust to give you solutions for real struggles without condemnation and guilt. I highly recommend Boris for all your pastoral needs, especially prayer and encouragement.”

~ Jimmy Pulley

"Boris Wiggins and his ministry cared enough about me to hear my cries and listened when I called. My spirit was broken and my life was truly in shambles. The love that was shown to me and the passion with which Boris Wiggins witnessed for the Lord were both remarkable. Because of Malestream Ministry, I have heard and accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for this ministry as it helps other men."

~ Glenn Dunlap

Thank you for being God's Ambassador, the conference was transforming and one thing I am learning is that compassion is the key to transformation.. Compassion was shown at MaleStream Ministries Conference. Compassion draws people to our big brother Jesus.

~ Chris Satterfield

I firmly beleive that YOU were called by God to lead this ministry. You have a genuine heart for men and it shows. I have had many brothers in Christ that I have been able to share private details with. However, I have only had one pastor other than you that has made me feel safe when I seek council. I am blessed to have you as a pastor.

~Joe P.

My testimony for the lessons is that I saw Steve change. I saw him grow in knowledge, love, and grace. He might not have attended the classes except for being at a hard place in his life. That's one way God works things out for good when we love Him. Some of you are in a hard place. Others of you are may have all good things going on in your life. Wherever you are on your journey, I pray that you will join the group tonight and reap the benefit of a band of Christian brothers. God's plan for the family was for the man to be the God-centered leader. Thank you Boris for sharing Men's Fraternity with our church, you are a blessing. God's love to you.

~ Ann Stephenson are amazing...the Lord put a smile on your face that is contagious...the light in your heart shines through every smile you fact, when you smile the Lord laughs cause you bring him such are an awesome person and I'm so glad the Lord has grafted me and my family into your family and into our family at New Beginnings Church. are amazing! Much love.

~ Eugenia

Brother Boris; thank you for the email. It was timely. I needed to read it yesterday and today because I started to get a couple of dings in my armor. God must have known that because He had you send out this message at such a perfect time. We all love you brother. You are truly and awesome and might man of God in whom we are all so blessed to know. May you day be filled with amazing and contagious peace, love, and joy.

~Brother Len